Historical Overview

The Jackson State University National Alumni Association – Dallas/Fort Worth chapter was chartered in June 1982.  The chapter was formed to perpetuate the mission of Jackson State University and JSUNAA while increasing representation in the DFW metroplex.  Yolanda Dickey served as the founding DFW Chapter President.  Dickey and her supporters found a way to meet the current and prepare for the future needs of Jackson State University in DFW fashion.

Since 1982, the Chapter has experienced tremendous growth and continues to be an influential recruiting vehicle for Jackson State University.  The Chapter has been a premier chapter within JSUNAA and recently recognized for student recruitment, fundraising, public relations, and active membership.

Some signature events hosted by the Chapter include the Caravan of Love, the 5 Points Tour of DFW, the Black Winemakers’ Event, and the Texsippian Cookout – new celebrating 30 years!

JSUAA DFW History Timeline

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