Message From President

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am profoundly honored by the opportunity to serve as the President of the JSUNAA DFW Chapter for 2019 – 2021.  Upon assuming the role of chapter president, there were a million things going through my head:  What impact and legacy do I want to leave on JSUNAA DFW?  Most importantly, how do I build upon our plans to increase engagement from alumni, to increase student recruitment, to increase alumni giving, and to build bigger networks and a community of lasting bonds?

The only way to lead a successful chapter is to engage your help. We want to engage you with great events and experiences taking place in DFW and or “WHEREVER YOU MAY ROAM”, remind you of your days on THEE yard as you reminisce your time as a student, and involve you with the other members, current students, future students, and others who make up our Tiger Family. We need you to be successful.  We need you to perpetuate the “THEE I LOVE” pride that was birth at our “Dear Old College Home”.  

Since the official arrival of Thee Tiger in 1982, the JSUNAA DFW Chapter has perpetuated the mission of Jackson State University and JSUNAA while increasing representation in the DFW Metroplex. The Chapter has experienced tremendous growth and continues to be an influential recruiting vehicle for Jackson State University.  The Chapter has been a premier chapter within JSUNAA had has been recognized the past few years for student recruitment, public relations, and active membership. Because of these acknowledgments, my motto “Leading the Charge, Continuing Thee Legacy” was birthed to be the perfect reminder to continue down the path to ensure we that we are continuing to adaptable to the ever evolving landscape of diversity among our students, alumni, supporters and university programs. 

We have much work ahead of us to realize and sustain our vision of what JSU, the JSUNAA, the JSUNAA DFW Chapter and our communities can become.  As much as we have accomplished, we have so much more to do.  Like a garden that needs constant tending, our dreams will only grow into reality with continued active support and hard work. We appreciate everyone who has been and continues to be a part of it. Moreover, we welcome your feedback and guidance as we adapt our engagement strategy for the years ahead.

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to seeing you join us on this evolving journey of “Leading the Charge, Continuing Thee Legacy”

With Tiger Pride,

Larry H. Bender, ‘06
President, JSUNAA Dallas – Fort Worth Chapter